Ting Ting Hsu utilizes her paintings to explore the surroundings around her and to find profound meaning in each subject’s own existence in the world. Often portraying the beauty that is commonly overlooked in daily objects and sceneries around her, she is able to capture dramatic emotions from the simplicity in her subjects. She takes the beauty in those briefest moments and puts them down on canvas to preserve the emotions of that moment forever. To capture the powerful emotions rather than just simply putting down what one would deem too ordinary, she works on each motif repeatedly to find new challenges and extrapolate new insights in each attempt. Negative space and lighting are two elements that she uses to create the compositions in her work. Lighting and the shadows it casts are often the main element—they define the subject while creating endless interpretations of each setting. Through all aspects of light, the way it falls, moves, changes, and colors the object it shines on, her inspiration blossoms.


In 2005 TingTing Hsu founded the York Fine Arts in New Jersey. She has also instructed privately at her Princeton Studio and is on the faculty of the Fairleigh Dickinson University and The York Fine Arts in New Jersey.

Her work can be found in public and private collections throughout the United States, China, and Taiwan. TingTing has won Best Show Award at the 2017 GSWS Members Exhibition and 2015-2016 NYAA Academy Scholar Award. She went on to earn her M.F.A. of painting from the New York Academy of Art. 

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Artist Statement

David Hockney once said, “Like people, trees are all individuals.” For me, however, I feel as if people are more similar to the individual leaves on each tree, all connected with one another in one way or another.

As a painter, I had started to enjoy the simplicity of nature: the sunlight reflecting on the water and the un-groomed trees swaying in the wind. The same scenery appears to be ever changing in my eyes. I remember once I focused especially on the plants floating on the lake surface. No one pays any attention to them, and just like in this big world of ours, no one was paying any attention to me at that very moment. I realized that these types of plants are not special. They are not planted by anyone, and they won’t be seen in any botanical gardens attracting compliments. However, in my eyes, they were absolutely beautiful. Their life force, just like ours, was magnificent, as they had to fight for their survival each and every day no matter what type of environment they were in. They are not that different from us after all. It was then that I had decided to dedicate my art to explore the landscapes and figurative elements of nature.

Mankind has often asked the following questions: “Who am I? Where am I going? What am I doing?” For some, the answers have been found while others are still searching. For me, these questions and their answers come and go. Sometimes they are clear and other times they are the light in the distance. It is through my artwork that I have discovered the perfect way for me to express the answers I have found and to ponder the questions that will be asked.